Did you know that there is a group of people who are planning on creating the world’s first floating city starting in 2022?

I did not and I have all types of questions how you would be able to create and maintain all of the modern utilities it takes to run a household today in a floating city  Apparently the homes and city will run on huge solar panels and wind turbines for clean energy, ok what about human waste and hurricanes?

I will leave those questions for another time as I can safely assume that the backers of this city will answer those questions in time.

The question I have is would you actually live in a city that is floating around the South Pacific Ocean?

This floating city is being reported by the UK’s Sun newspaper and the floating city some may say country is the brainchild of the Seasteading Institute.  The Seasteading Institute is a non-profit that was co-founded by technology billionaire Peter Thiel.  Interesting side point about Mr. Thiel, he currently sits on Facebook's board.

By the way; the backers of this city are stating that this city will have its own government and some sort of cryptocurrency to run its economy.

The houses will be built on a seaborne platform off the island of Tahiti and a backer states that these seaborne platforms will:

It would help people adjust to sea level rise, and experiment with voluntary governance

Sound like a great idea to you, probably unless you are prone to sea sickness or afraid of hurricanes.

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