A new $3.9 million grant from the Federal government will help Calhoun County citizens with mental health, substance abuse, and physical health needs.

It comes ahead of schedule, which will help to address issues that stem from the COVID-19 crisis and state shutdown.

The grant from SAMHSA, a branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will help several county organizations work together to better serve patients and clients.

Meghan Taft, Summit Pointe’s Community Outreach and Relations person, says Summit Pointe is in the process “nurse coordinators” who will work with partner agencies to make sure people get the best help available, tailored to their situation. She says those nurse coordinators will be hired within 60 days.

Taft says there are 10 different recipients or partners for the collaborative, called the Calhoun County Certified Community Behavioral  Health Clinic (CCBHC).

Summit Pointe secured this funding with community partners Bronson Battle Creek, Calhoun County Health Department, Grace Health, Oaklawn Hospital, and the SHARE Center.

“The grant allows us to collaborate better and focus on high-risk individuals,” said Taft. “The grant requires that treatments be based on evidence-based practices, treatment approaches are all validated practices that have been shown to be effective.”

Taft says the grant will benefit all Calhoun County residents.   Help would start with partner organizations, like the Share Center, or Bronson Hospital.   A nurse coordinator would be connected to all of those “doors of access”, and coordinate the services needed.

Share Center-Google Street View
Share Center-Google Street View

And Taft says the government saw an immediate need for the community to receive the grant.   “It was originally was intended to become available this fall, but it was released early in response to the Cares Act and the COVID-19 crisis.”

“We are excited to partner with Summit Pointe to provide integrated physical and mental health that will not only improve the wellbeing of our patients, but will also benefit our community,” Dr. Peter Chang, Grace Health’s President/CEO said.  Grace Health has been serving Calhoun County residents for 34 years with the mission of providing patient-centered healthcare with excellence in quality, service, and access.


For more information about Summit Pointe mental health and substance use services please call (269) 966-1460, or visit Facebook.

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