Surround a state with Great Lakes and you've got an unending variety of weather. Here's a look at the 5 most interesting weather photos, videos and stories from around Michigan in 2016.

  • reddit user 3Pedals_6Speeds

    Light Pillars in Central Michigan

    A striking and rare wintertime weather phenomena occurred recently in Mid-Michigan. Light pillars formed near the village of Breckenridge in January of 2016.

  • Berrien County Road Commission/Facebook

    Recently Discovered Photo Reveals Michigan Roads Plowed by Hand

    Imagine plowing miles of roads by hand. That is what is shown in this photo from 1936 discovered in January by the Berrien County Road Commission.

  • Joshua Nowicki/YouTube

    Ice Boulders at Silver Beach

    Also in January came this video captured along the the shores of Lake Michigan at St Joseph's Sliver Beach of the relativity rare phenomenon of ice boulders washing ashore.

  • Visit Grand Haven/Facebook

    Ice Pancakes Form on the Grand River

    Not only did Michigan see ice boulders in 2016, we also got ice pancakes. The frozen platters formed along the Grand River at Grand Haven.

  • Google Maps Street View

    Houghton Has America's Most Unpredictable Weather

    While Michigan's two peninsulas experience wide swings in weather. Houghton, on the Keewenaw Peninsula sticking out into turbulent Lake Superior is a microcosm of that weather unpredictability. In May of 2016, named Houghton among the nation's most unforcastable places.