This 6-year-old from St. Joseph, Michigan is already making a difference in the world.

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She's not only the USA National Miss Michigan Junior Princess, she's also one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. Liliana decided she wanted to spread kindness throughout the world, one act at a time.


This incredible 6-year-old's name is Liliana Hake.  And she means business.  Her 1,000 random acts of kindness aren't just tiny little things.  When she sees a need she jumps into action.  For example, when Liliana realized that some kids didn't have lunch money at school she went to facebook asking for donations and received $500 to pay for school lunches.

She's even designed a coloring book that she delivers to sick children at Lakeland Hospital.

Liliana's interview with WNDU will warm your heart.  You can watch that interview by clicking here.

We should do everything we can to encourage this love and generosity with our children today.  Liliana Hake is inspiring.  You can follow her on facebook by clicking here.

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