Who doesn't love the Dr. Seuss Christmas classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"? Whether you prefer the animated classic or the newer classic starring Jim Carrey, most would agree it is a holiday staple. While the fictitious character becomes sympathetic and changes his ways, the Hartford Police Department is searching for the suspect pictured above. Dubbed a real life "Grinch", the suspect is accused of taking down a portion of the lights, tying them in knots and tossing them aside. The Hartford Police Department is asking for the public's help in positively identifying the suspect. They do have a possible suspect. With positive identification, the Hartford Police department will seek Disorderly Conduct charges.

The lights were made possible by the Hartford Lions Club, City of Hartford, Hartford Township, the Downtown Development Authority, and the Hartford Chamber of Commerce in an effort to bring the Christmas spirit to the community.

The lights had only been up for a few days before the vandalism occurred. The Hartford Police Department released the photos of the suspect on Monday, November 26.

Lets hope this "Grinch" is caught. The 17th Annual Christmas in Hartford Lighted Parade takes place on December 8.

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