A business man in the making.

Mlive is reporting about a 10 year old boy who likes to run his own pumpkin selling business

He started off 5 years ago helping his father sell pumpkins, as a father I can only imagine the great memories both himself and his dad will have forever.

Ian sells his pumpkins in Bay County not too far east of I-75.  Ian uses some of the money he makes off of his pumpkin sales to fund some of his favorite charities and to save for college, a car in the future and as he stated sometimes for Lego’s

Talking about Lego’s Ian is trying to decide if he wants to be a dentist or a Lego engineer, I am sure Ian you will be successful at either of those endeavors.

Sorry to bring a little politics into this feel good story but I cannot let this one go.  Ian has one small problem, he was quoted in the Mlive article stating

I like meeting new people and I like making a profit

He had to use the “P” word.  I can see a bunch of people in a certain ideologue that are now upset with him because he actually does this to make a profit.  There is rumor that some people are attempting to determine if he is actually making “excess profits”, whatever that means, and if so might they boycott him.

Only time will tell.

Keep up the great work Ian and do not let the Don or Debbie Downers knock you off of your track.

If you are in the Bay County area visit Ian's Pumpkins at 4675 S. Midland Road, you can purchase his pumpkins until Oct. 31.

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