ALICE is an acronym for "Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed".   United Ways of Michigan put out the study of financial hardship for a second time in three years to highlight the struggles of many Michigan families.

We used to refer to these families as "working poor", but Director of Community Impact Matt Lynn told WBCK that they're trying not to use negative terms when talking about the problem, and trying to focus on solutions.

Lynn, and United Ways of Michigan Interim CEO Nancy Lindman were guests on WBCK's Richard Piet Show, hosted by Tim Collins.

Lindman says one problem facing Michigan families is that 62 percent of jobs in the state now pay less than $20 per hour, and more than two-thirds of those make less than $15 per hour.

The report shows that 40% of Michigan's households are struggling to make ends meet. Calhoun County is at 41%.  Barry, Jackson, and Kalamazoo County are at 35%, and Branch County is at 46%.

In Calhoun County, Albion has 61% of it's people struggling.  Battle Creek is at 47%, and the city of Springfield at 52%.

You can download the report and find out how you can help United Way in our community here.



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