I just published a piece on September 1st about one of the 5 “Independent” out of 13 Commissioners on Michigan’s Redistricting Commission mislead the state and is not an “Independent”.  Not only is he not an Independent but is a Progressive/Socialist.

Back in 2018, the residents of Michigan voted to create a constitutional amendment that gave the power of creating new voting districts in Michigan to a group of 13 randomly selected Michigan voters. Those 13 Michigan residents were supposed to be made up of four Democrats, four Republicans, and five “Independents”.

Now, through the great work of real journalists at the Washington Free Beacon, we find that another “Independent” Michigan Redistricting Commissioner is in fact a Liberal in Independent clothing. Interesting that no "journalist" at a Michigan paper discovered this.

As I stated in my last piece in today’s political environment no one can truly be independent.  Today’s two main political parties are so diametrically opposed when it comes to just about every issue. I ask myself how someone could vote for one person in one Party then vote for someone else in the other Party.

I believe people identify as “Independent” because they do not like to say they are affiliated with either Party. Perhaps they believe they are voting for the person and not the Party.  The Party leaders have so much control via money, committee seats and support that the Parties are truly ruled by their leaders.

The latest Liberal disguising themselves in Independent clothing is Attorney Rebecca Szetela. In October of 2019, she applied to serve on the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.  She applied as an independent.  Miss Independent has:

  • contributed at least $225 to EMILY's List.  EMILY’s List is a very powerful pro-abortion group that spends millions of dollars to elect Democratic candidates.
  • She has also contributed to “liberal candidates and causes at the state level, including multiple donations to the Southwestern Wayne Democratic Club and one to former Washington governor Christine Gregoire (D.)”
  • Last May she spoke to the Progressive Democratic Women's Caucus of Muskegon County. According to the article they are “a group that works to "ensure that Progressive Democrats are elected to county, state, and federal offices in the upcoming elections”

It is interesting to note that Ms. Szetela declared on her application that she does not "affiliate with either the Republican or Democratic Party," but when asked to answer the following question "Describe why or how you affiliate with either the Democratic Party, Republican Party or why you don't affiliate with either" she had a loss for words and did not answer that questions.  Should that not of been a red herring when they were vetting the candidates.  Oh, I forgot they did not vet them they took them at their word.

When the Washington Free Beacon contacted the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission for comment their spokesman Edward Woods III gave them an astonishing comment when he said:

“The Constitution only requires the applicant to identify their affiliation…In Michigan, it is either the Democrats, Republicans, or neither the Democrats nor Republicans. The Commission does not vet or choose candidates.”

No one ever vetted the commissioners' stated political affiliations, to not do so is a dereliction of duty.

Now we have no idea if this Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission is truly “Independent” or not.  Right now it appears that it is not.  The numbers are now Six Democrats, four Republicans, and three “Independents”.

As stated in the piece I wrote about the other “Independent” Commissioner being a Progressive/Socialist: are there any other secrets the other four “Independents” are not telling us?  Not I have to modify it and ask:

“Are there any other secrets the other three “Independents” are not telling us?

Do these Leftists ever tell the truth or does it come so naturally to them they have no idea when they are telling the truth and lying?

Two down three to go.  I wonder how many "Republican" Commissioners are actually Republicans?

Now have you lost total faith in this “Independent” Commission to fairly redraw the state and congressional districts in Michigan?

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