Local governments in Michigan could be prohibited from making themselves so-called
Sanctuary Cities under new bills introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives.

House Bills 4083 and 4090 are sponsored by Republican Representatives Beau LaFave and Pamela Hornberger, and co-sponsors include local Emmett Township Representative Matt Hall; the bills say that local governments and counties cannot “enact or enforce” any law or rule that prohibits police or government employees from “communicating or cooperating with appropriate federal officials concerning the immigration status of an individual in this state”.

Essentially, this would de-fang the policies of several municipalities in Michigan, that limits local cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. If, after 60 days of the bills being enacted into law, a county or municipality still has such policies in place, an employee of that government unit can file a complaint with the Circuit Court or the Attorney General's Office.

Government's that fail to comply could face injunctions, fines, and be required to award damages to the complainant.

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