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Rep. Amash On Live with Renk
Please join me today at 11:00 AM, Congressman Justin Amash (R- 3rd District MI) will be calling into my studio to discuss the issues of the day.
One of those issues was his no votes on both the Kate's law, named after Kate Steinle who was killed by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco…
Lansing Are You a Sanctuary City or Not?
Just when we were starting to forget about our confusion over the City of Lansing declaring themselves a “sanctuary city”, but not really defining what that meant, the City of Lansing goes and throws a monkey wrench into the debate.
As William Shakespeare famously wrote:&n…
Mayor Bernero, Sanctuary Cities and Tucker Carlson Show
The Mayor of Lansing Virgil Bernero was on the Fox News Show Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the Lansing City Commission vote to become a Sanctuary City last Monday.
That vote by the way was unanimous 6 – 0.
Tucker wanted to discuss Attorney General Jeff Sesson’s plan to withhold federal Department …
MA State Rep Warns Illegals of Possible Raid
What are we supposed to do with a Massachusetts state legislator who actually warned illegal immigrants about a “rumor” of a planned ICE raid in Brockton Massachusetts on Tuesday and Wednesday?
According to a report from a local CBS Affiliate in Boston Massachusetts State Representative Michelle DuBo…
Illegal Support Groups Fight
As we get older and we think we have heard it all, along comes another surprise. During his State of the Campus address the University of Maryland President, Wallace Loh, defended illegal immigrants and used both English and Spanish during his State of the Campus speech...

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