Bakeries in the Battle Creek area are working hard to keep shelves stocked with bread amid increased demand.

Updated to add more locations that bread can be purchased 3/19/2020.

While some big box stores were caught off guard with the sudden demand for certain items, small bakeries in Battle Creek are working hard to meet demand. Employees with Continental Bakery and Aunt Millie’s Bakery Outlet, both in Battle Creek, say there has been high demand but they still have managed to keep bread on the shelves. Foundry Bakehouse & Deli in Albion has been able to keep bread on their shelves but if you are looking for a specific kind you are asked to call the day before to ensure it is available. Foundry Bakehouse also offers a wide-ranging menu with many order ahead items. Louie's Bakery in Marshall has multiple types of bread available every day. Horrocks Farm Market in Battle Creek has also noticed a spike in demand but says they have bread on the shelves and have been able to restock every day.

Continental Bakery is churning out freshly baked bread every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They also offer a very diverse menu with sandwiches, pies, pastries, bread and more to be carried out and eaten wherever you choose.

Aunt Millie’s Bakery Outlet is still receiving small shipments daily with big shipments coming on Mondays and Wednesdays. Employees there say they also have bagels, english muffins and other discounted goods to keep the pantry stocked.

The benefits of shopping locally include helping the local economy. When you support a small business with owners who live in the community, the dollars you spend are more likely to stay in the community helping our local economy. Another perk is avoiding the big crowds you may encounter otherwise.

If these places are sold out when you stop, try again the next day as they will continue to replenish their shelves.

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