City contractors will start this year’s street crack fill program today (July 22nd).   A lot of the work will stretch to the far corners of the city limits.

The work is done to keep area road surfaces from deteriorating further.   Crack filling is one of the city’s street programs that prevents road cracks, 3/8 of an inch or bigger,  from widening and spreading.   In a release, the city says that by keeping water out, the work can minimize maintenance needed on recently-treated roads for two to three years. The filler is a cold liquid asphalt.

You’ll see workers in these areas from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the next week or so, ending by July 30.

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The city says the roads will stay open, but advises that you may expect occasional, temporary lane shifts and delays.

And they remind you to please travel slowly through these areas when workers are present, and follow all traffic signs and control measures.

This year’s crack fill program: 

  • Carver Road – city limit to Stone Jug
  • Stone Jug Road – Carver to Beckley Road
  • Beckley Road – Stone Jug to Helmer Road
  • Helmer Road S – Gethings Road to I-94
  • Denso Road – Hill Brady Road to Dickman Road
  • Wagner Drive – South Union Street to East Emmett Street
  • Capital Avenue SW – city limit to Beckley
  • Minges Creek Place – Glenn Cross to Beckley
  • Glenn Cross Road – Capital to M-66
  • Beckley – South Minges to 6 Mile Road
  • Skyline Drive – south of Columbia Avenue to Hill Brady Road
  • Hill Brady – Skyline to end
  • West Territorial Road – Helmer to Capital SW
  • West Van Buren Street – Division Street to South Union
  • East Roosevelt Avenue – Garrison Road to East Avenue N
  • Limit Street – West Michigan Avenue to 4 ½ Mile Road
Battle Creek SE Quadrant Crack Fill 2021-map
Battle Creek SE Quadrant Crack Fill 2021-map

You can learn more at the City of Battle Creek’s Engineering webpage.

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