A Battle Creek man is in custody, with authorities saying he produced child pornography for distribution.

Fox17 reports that the investigation began after a set of 12 images were found in the possession of a sex offender in Tacoma, Washington. Federal authorities attempted to use background clues in the images to determine where they were taken, since the victim’s face had been blurred out.

Authorities determined that they were taken in 2010-2011, at a home in Springfield. Further investigation into the home found in the pictures showed that this assessment was correct, so agents tracked down the previous resident to a home in Battle Creek.

At the home of 44-year-old Matthew Andaluz, police found items that were seen in the photos, along with the camera that was used.  Andaluz did not deny he took the photos, although he did deny abusing the victim.  The girl in the photos was located, and told authorities that the abuse happened between the ages of 10 and 13.

Andaluz was arrested, with a court hearing set for Wednesday, December 21.

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