A 26-year-old Battle Creek man was formally charged with multiple counts after an morning arrest Saturday at a local hotel.

The Battle Creek Police responded to a call from the Red Roof Inn on Beckley Road around 6:30 a.m. the morning of January 30th on a domestic violence call. Before officers arrived, the man had fled in a woman’s vehicle but returned while they were there, according to the Battle Creek Enquirer. The woman was later identified as the man's girlfriend. The man was involved in a tussle with authorities before his eventual arrest.

On February 1st in a virtual arraignment in Calhoun County Court, Brandon Jakar Moore received seven charges that includes two counts each of Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder, and Resisting and Obstructing arrest. He also received felony counts of Unlawfully Driving Away a Vehicle and Larceny of a Building, and a misdemeanor count of domestic violence.

Moore is being held on bond that includes two unrelated cases involving failure to appear in court and violation of a personal protection order. He is expected back in court February 8th for a preliminary hearing.

If convicted, Moore faces up to 15 years in prison due to a prior sentence of third-degree home invasion in 2013, according to the Michigan Department of Corrections.

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