A Springfield man accused of entering his ex-girlfriend’s home and then running away from police was arrested earlier this week. Battle Creek police say the 27-year-old victim called authorities at around 3:15 Monday morning.

She told them a man she had dated for six years but broken up with recently had showed up and started an argument with her about ignoring his text messages. Then she says she was physically assaulted when he pushed her up against a wall. After reportedly taking several of her personal items to his car, he returned inside and told the woman he was going kidnap her. After a physical struggle, in which he apparently pulled her hair at one point, he eventually fled the scene. But he returned again after later after police officers had left the home from their first response.

The ex-boyfriend was eventually located and took off on foot when officers approached. He was caught and arrested on charges of home invasion, domestic assault, damaging property and resisting officers.

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