Battle Creek City Commissioners introduced an ordinance on Tuesday that would allow six different types of recreational marijuana businesses in the city.

The ordinance was introduced after the planning commission voted 5-1 in late August in favor of recommending an ordinance allowing recreational marijuana facilities to operate within the City of Battle Creek. The vote is expected to take place in their October 15th meeting, according to WWMT.

A separate ordinance will have commissioners voting on establishing guidelines for licensing in the City of Battle Creek for growing, processing, providing secure transport, retail and micro-business facilities.

According to a list compiled by the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation, approximately 890 communities have opted out of allowing recreational marijuana businesses as of September 27th. Some communities due plan to revisit their opt-out status in the future.

Cities can also opt to adopt their own ordinances allowing recreational marijuana facilities, giving them greater local control over the businesses. Under emergency rules established by the state, communities have until November 1, 2019 to adopt ordinances that would not allow recreational marijuana businesses to operate.

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