The City of Battle Creek is closer to deciding whether to allow recreational marijuana businesses to operate within city limits.

The planning commission voted 5-1 Wednesday in favor of recommending an ordinance allowing recreational marijuana facilities to operate within the City of Battle Creek. Those facilities would include retail, processing, growing, safety compliance, transportation and micro-businesses, according to WWMT.

The commission opted not to recommend special licenses, which would include designated consumption businesses and temporary event licenses.

City commissioners will discuss the ordinance at their first October meeting.

Under the ordinance proposed by Battle Creek's planning commission, growing operations would not be allowed within 1,000 feet of churches, residential zones, libraries, parks or schools. Recreational facilities involving the processing, testing, sale and transport of marijuana would also have limitations.

According to a list compiled by the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation, approximately 600 communities have opted out of allowing recreational marijuana businesses. Some communities due plan to revisit their opt-out status in the future.

Cities can also opt to adopt their own ordinances allowing recreational marijuana facilities, giving them greater local control over the businesses. Under emergency rules established by the state, communities have until November 1, 2019 to adopt ordinances that would not allow recreational marijuana businesses to operate.

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