An amusement park in Battle Creek that closed several decades ago had what we believe was the only roller coaster to ever exist in the Cereal City.

It was in late April of 1907 that an exciting new addition to the Liberty Amusement Park on Goguac Lake was completed. A wooden roller coaster, said to have been built at a cost of $10,000, was added to the park along the northern tip of the lake. It opened to the public for rides on May 19, 1907

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The roller coaster was quickly a new favorite and joined other popular places at the amusement park including a Ferris wheel, a dance hall, and a casino. Liberty Amusement Park also had a clubhouse with bowling alleys, billiard tables, and diner. One popular attraction was a toboggan run called "Chute the Chute". People could rent toboggans and ride a slide all the way down and into the waters of Goguac Lake.

Liberty Amusement Park reportedly closed in 1933 and is said to have been located near where the Lakewood Inn and Byrds Landing marina was. We are unsure when the roller coaster was torn down or if it continued operating until the park closed. If anyone has feedback on this, feel free to reach out or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Here is the exact article that appeared in The Battle Creek Daily Moon on May 18, 1907, courtesy of archives from Willard Library:

"Roller Coaster to Start - New Amusement Furnished by Goguac Resort Association at Cost of $10,000.


The new roller coaster recently erected by the Goguac Resort Association at a cost of $10,000 will open tomorrow to witness the starting of  over its 2,200 feet of trackage. This means over a half-mile ride.


The coaster is built at a gradual descent from a height of 52 feet, cutting four figure eights, in the journey to the ground. The frame work is firmly constructed, and the cars so arranged that to jump the track, or a collision, is an possibility.


A large crowd is expected at the lake tomorrow to witness the starting of this new species of sport in this vicinity."

Abandoned Fun Country Amusement Park


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