While many communities in southwest Michigan are still working to remove snow from roads and sidewalks two days removed from a big winter storm, the city of Battle Creek says it needs its residents to make sure that sidewalks are being cleared.

The city says beginning Monday, February 7, code officials will be heading out to check sidewalks in areas of the city to make sure snow has been removed.

This is especially important for our bus stops. With four Code officers and a big city, it will take some time, but they will get there. - Battle Creek Communications Manager Jessica VanderKlok

The Battle Creek city ordinance says neighbors must clear their sidewalks by noon after overnight snow, or noon the next day after daytime snow. But given the amount of snow that fell on Wednesday, up to 12" in some spots, residents have had some extra time to clear their sidewalks. But next week, heavier enforcement of the ordinance will begin.

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When city code officials look at sidewalks to determine enforcement, their priority is on sidewalks near the most foot traffic, such as ones near main corridors, schools, and bus routes. They will send a notice letter first, or a waring basically, and then as a last resort, issue citations if necessary.

You can see a map with the priority areas marked at battlecreekmi.gov/code. Once there, scroll down to "Sidewalks".

Anyone who may need some need help with snow removal is asked to call 2-1-1. You can talk to someone who will be able to help connect you to local resources.

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