Chicago has the Bean, Albany, New York has an Egg and Bay City has the Toilet Seat.

Actually the landmark that looms over Bay City, Michigan isn't a gigantic statue of the seat of your throne, but rather a statue known as the Ring of Friendship and is a landmark in a downtown park near the Saginaw River.

However it's toilet bowl resemblance caught the eye of Jimmy Fallon on a recent episode of 'The Tonight Show' where it was featured during a segment called #MyHometownIsWeird.

Check out how Bay City's Ring of Friendship was featured, the video below is cued right up to the spot where Fallon starts talking about it.

If you'd like to visit the Ring of Friendship/Toilet Bowl in Bay City, it's located in a park at the corner of Center and Water Streets between the Delta College Planetarium and the Saginaw River.

Bonus Video - Illinois Resident Attempt to Explain the Michigan Accent

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