At first it sounds like an act of kindness.  You have many bags of groceries and along comes a woman described to be between 65 and 70 years old who offers her help to carry your groceries into your apartment.

Once the kind woman is finished helping you carry all those groceries into your apartment she quickly leaves, not even staying around long enough to allow you to thank her.

You think that is strange but go about your day.  Then you notice that your wallet is missing from your purse along with $325 in cash and all your credit cards.

That is what WXYZ-TV is reporting happened to a woman in Riverview Michigan.  Riverview is south of Detroit just pass Southgate Michigan.

What is happening to our society when you can’t even trust older women these days?  Hopefully they find the thief and give her a free bed and three hot meals a day for quite a while.

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