Many people have dreamed about owning their own island.  Many of us in Michigan dreamed of owning our own island.  I do not believe many of us Michiganders who dreamed of owning an island thought they could own their own island right here in Michigan.

Now you can own your very own nearly a mile long and 5/8 of a mile wide island in Lake Huron.  The island is called Middle Island and it resides 2.5 miles off the shore of Alpena Michigan.  It takes a 15 to 20 minutes boat ride to get to the island from Rockport harbor.

According to the listing you get 227 acres, “Lighthouse keepers two story red brick double dwelling with new roof, 12 rooms at various stages of renovation. In addition the Fog Signal building has been converted into the lodge that sleeps 10”. You also get full access to a 76 foot tall lighthouse managed by the Coast Guard.

All for a reasonable price of $3.9 million.

The owner told an MLive reporter that:

“I’m trying to sell the island to someone who will preserve it and will keep the history going. I’m happy with what I did to the island, but I can’t do much more. I want the island’s artifacts to stay with the land so that the history will remain there.”

Here is a short video of an island that could be yours for just $3.9 million dollars.

Looks like there is some work to be done but it will certainly give you some great views.  I am going to check my bank account and see if I have $4 millions sitting in my savings account collecting 1/8 of a percent in interest.


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