Will the minority leader in Michigan’s House of Representatives Christine Greig do the right thing and stand up for the children in Michigan?

She has just been given a chance to do so by a bigot/racist Democrat in Detroit Michigan by the name of Abraham Aiyash.  Due to the fact that the Democrats have gerrymandered the Detroit area state Districts to be in their favor Abraham was the only candidate to run in Michigan’s fourth state House district.  The Republican Party did not even put a candidate up for this seat in this election.

Abraham was so mad that a Wayne County Board of Canvassers member by the name of Monica Palmer believes in free and fair elections and would not vote to certify the election results due to major irregularities, he doxed her on a public Zoom meeting Tuesday.  He not only revealed where she lived but even worse he revealed where her children attend school

This bigot/racist and I call him a bigot/racist because he is using her color to put her in a group then attribute characteristics to that entire group.  For my proof I give you Merriam-Webster’s definition of a bigot:

“a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices

especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance”

That bigot said:

“You, Ms. Monica Palmer from Grosse Pointe Woods, which has a history of racism, are deciding to enable and continue to perpetuate the racist history of this country and I want you to think about what that means for your kids”

He then named dropped the school her children go to but I will not share that information.

He went on to say:

“You are standing here today, telling folks that black Detroit should not have their votes counted...You are certainly showing that you are a racist. You may say that you are not. You may claim that you are not. But let’s be very clear, your words today, and your actions today made it clear that you are okay with silencing the votes of an 80 percent African-American city.”

Apparently, Abraham is so uninformed about the region he wants to represent that he had no idea that Wayne County not only includes the city of Detroit but also:

Most of those cities do not have black people as a majority population, in fact, their population is made up of a majority of white people. So apparently he thinks she is not only racist but also someone who hates her color as well.

Leave it to the left when they are not intelligent enough to rebuke a point of view they turn immediately to race, color, sex or who you want to sleep with.

Why is he so afraid of ensuring a fair and balanced election?

What does he know about what occurred during this last election that he is afraid of people finding out?

Shortly after Abraham’s attack and attempt to put her children in harm’s way both Republican board members changed their votes to certify the election.

Michigan’s House minority leader Democrat Christine Greig should do the right thing for the children of Michigan and start proceedings to not allow this bigot to be seated in the House.  Pick another Democrat just not him.

Will she do the right thing and protect children we will see.

You can email her at ChristineGreig@house.mi.gov or call 517-373-1793 and respectfully ask her to do the right thing for the children of Michigan and remove this person as soon as he is seated.

Last-minute update to this story, the two Republicans on Michigan’s Wayne County Board of Canvassers claimed in signed affidavits yesterday that they were bullied into siding with Democrats and have now rescinded their votes to certify.

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