In a time when any good news is welcomed this certainly is great news.  Detroit area Democrat State Representative Karen Whitsett is telling the world that credit is due to President Trump and hydroxychloroquine for her recovery from COVID-19.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting on this great news for Ms. Whitsett and anyone else who may, unfortunately, contract this virus.  Ms. Whitsett started to take hydroxychloroquine just a week ago on March 31st.  Her doctor prescribed the drug because she had been experiencing shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes and other symptoms.

She said "It was less than two hours" until she started feeling relief.  That is amazing and hopefully a great sign for others.

President Trump has taken quite a bit of criticism from many on the left and mainstream media because he quite often mentions his belief that hydroxychloroquine looks like it may help many people.  As he often states it is worth a try if your doctor believes it may work in your situation since the drug has been on the market for decades.

Michigan Democrat State Representative Whitsett told the Free Press that President Trump's comments definitely helped in her case when she said:

It has a lot to do with the president ... bringing it up...He is the only person who has the power to make it a priority.

Asked if she thinks Trump may have saved her life, Democrat State Representative Whitsett said: 

Yes, I do...I do thank him for that

I honestly believed that once I got into something like that, I may not actually come out and that was my biggest fear…And I knew that this medication would possibly save me.

Ms, Whitsett then credited President Trump's mentioning of hydroxychloroquine during news briefings for giving her the idea of trying the drug:

If President Trump had not talked about this, it would not be something that's accessible for anyone to get, not right now

It is very nice to see that politics does not play a role in this situation.  When you are facing possible death things become quite a bit clearer.

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