My God America what is happening on many of our streets?  This has got to stop!  You have to ask yourself why are these Democrat mayors and governors not doing anything to stop these occupations and violence on these streets.  We are seeing things unfold before our very eyes on our TVs, just like we see in 3rd world countries?

You may not even be able to watch this latest episode so be forewarned it is really violent.  As of the date of publishing this piece, the Portland police, political class, and district attorney office have said nothing about this vicious beating and what I would call attempted murder.

According to New York Post, a crazed mob of Portland Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters forced a white man to crash his truck, after he came to the rescue of a white woman who was being beaten by the BLM protestors   The BLM crazed mob then dragged the man out of his truck and punched and kicked him unconscious.  The video show’s what these, you choose an adjective, did to this man for apparently no reason other than trying to save his friend.

As the man was being beaten he was pleading:

“I ain’t tryna hurt no one...I was trying to get out the way”

You can hear from one of the BLM members:

“COVID is real”


Interesting that these BLM members-only attempt their violent aggressive behavior when they are in groups.  They were punching the guy in the face over and over again as well as kicking him.  You can hear BLM members calling the white guy the N-word over and over again.

That certainly is interesting.

The New York Post reported that “as the mob dispersed to watch another fight, the main offender circled back around — kicking the defenseless driver in the face from behind, instantly knocking him out with his head cracking on the road”.

Most of the people perpetrating this attempted murder were wearing the word security on the front and back of their clothes.  They were beating this man for no reason and these are the people who are concerned the way cops treat people of color.

According to the police the victim was taken to a local hospital with very serious injuries.  The police stated:

“The incident is under investigation and no arrests have been made...protesters were chasing the truck before it crashed, and they assaulted the driver after the crash”

According to reports, two cops were also hospitalized overnight Saturday after protesters hurled a 10-pound rock at them during the 79th-night rioting and looting.

When will this end; when the Republican Party starts to take control of these cities. 

The very first concern and policy issue this upcoming election should be law and order which brings us security.  Without law, order, and security throughout our country, no other policy issues even matter.  

This insanity has to end; where were the police?  I assume the Democrat city leadership told them to stay out.  I would hate to think that the police decided on their own to not protect the citizens of their city.  Do not fool yourself believing that this will end after the election if Democrats win.  I believe it will only get worse because the party which is looking the other way or enabling this behavior is in fact the Democratic Party.

I warn you that the video below is very very graphic and disturbing not only from the violence by the BLM members but the language they use.  Watch these videos at your own risk.

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