The pandemic and social distancing has been devastating for everyone, among them musicians and entertainers who can’t perform in public---well, at least not in the usual way.   Many musicians are playing their parts at home, and sending them to sound engineers who put all the tracks together to make for some pretty inspiring performances.  One features some current and past members of the Brass Band of Battle Creek.

Composer, arranger pianist and saxophonist Matt Catingub penned this one, and sent the parts to 32 of the world’s greatest trumpet players and a rhythm section of bass, piano and drums.  Catingub played piano and produced the it.  “A Hope for the Future” is the result.

There are players from 14 different countries.   Players from the Dave Matthews Band and Chicago are playing alongside (well, virtually alongside) military band players and many greats from the jazz and classical music worlds. One player, Ryan Anthony, played in his hospital room as he fight cancer.

A Hope for the Future

Brass Band favorite Jens Lindemann posted it on his Facebook page. Other current or former Brass Band of Battle Creek members include Chris Jaudes, and Vinnie DiMartino.

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