The person who has been terrorizing Austin Texas and the surrounding area is reported to have been killed.  It is currently being reported that he blew himself up with one of his bombs when police found him and were closing in on him.

According to a local CBS affiliate, CBS 46, law officers surrounded a hotel they believed he was in and then waited for a tactical team to arrive.  Then they observed that the suspect got in his vehicle and began to leave. When the law officers saw him enter his vehicle and leave they converged on the vehicle and the suspect detonated a bomb, killing himself instantly.

The American Statesman newspaper is reporting that a high ranking law official told them that the authorities:

identified a suspect in the past 24 hours based largely on information gained after police said the suspect shipped an explosive device from a FedEx store in Sunset Valley, a suburb surrounded by Austin. That evidence included security video.

According to this “official” the “authorities” were able to identify certain store receipts that showed what they termed “suspicious transactions” from a man.  The authorities where then able to obtain a search warrant for his Google search history, that history showed him conducting searches that they considered suspicious.

These authorities, as they are being referred to in the article, then relied upon cell phone technology to trace their suspect to a hotel in Williamson County Texas.

The history of this suspected bomber included at least four bombs which exploded in Austin Texas just since March 2.  Those 4 bombs when they exploded killed two men and injured an additional four people. A fifth bomb exploded early yesterday at a FedEx sorting facility in Schertz Texas, about 60 miles southwest of Austin. Another package containing what the police believed to be an unexploded bomb was found Tuesday at a FedEx distribution center in Austin.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley confirmed the “suspect is deceased with significant injuries,” but would not release the suspect’s name until his next-of-kin were notified.

Police said the suspect was a 24-year-old white male and they don’t have a motive.  Chief Manley did recommend that the community remain vigilant because they don’t know if he was working alone.

Let us all pray that this was the only bomber and his reign of terror is finally over.

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