To start 2018, several familiar faces have been reappointed in the Calhoun County Judiciary. 

Calhoun County Chief Judge Michael Jaconette says in a release January 2 that the changes are coming to the 37th Circuit Court, the Probate Court and 10th District Court. Chief Judge Jaconette says "the courts have experienced a great deal of change, in terms of both personnel and technology, in recent years", and that he is "pleased" to see these judges serve for a new two year term.

Circuit Court Judge John Hallacy will continue to serve as Chief Judge Pro Tempore, a role that sees him filling in as Chief Judge when Jaconette is absent. Judge Hallacy has served as Chief Judge Pro Tempore for the past two years.

Also in the Circuit Court, Judge Brian Kirkham will continue to serve as Presiding Judge in the Family Division; Judge Sarah Lincoln will continue to serve as Presiding Judge of the Civil/Criminal Division.

In the District Court, Judge Franklin Line, Jr. will remain as the Presiding Judge.

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