Here is a look at the 2018 Proposal results for the state of Michigan and Calhoun County. These results will be updated as votes are tabulated throughout the night.

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State Proposal 18-1 (60 of 60 Calhoun County precincts reporting): 2,187,980 (27991) Yes, 1,722,701 (21773) No

This proposal legalizes recreational use of marijuana, limits its use to those over age 21, and creates a state licensing system for recreational marijuana businesses that closely tracks with the state's new system to regulate medical marijuana, which voters already approved in 2008.

Those who do use recreational marijuana if it's legalized still wouldn't be able to do it in public and would not be allowed to operate motor vehicles while under the influence. Local Michigan communities could also choose to not allow recreational marijuana shops and facilities within their borders.

The proposal puts a 6 percent sales tax and 10 percent excise tax on the purchase of recreational marijuana. That money goes first toward regulating the new industry, and $20 million must go toward clinical medical marijuana trials related to veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Money left over after that would go to municipalities that allow marijuana businesses, the School Aid Fund and toward roads.

State Proposal 18-2(38 of 60 Calhoun County precincts reporting):  2,342,165 (28656) Yes, 1,482,296 (20223) No

This proposal is a total re-work of how Michigan does redistricting ending the practice known as gerrymandering. Every 10 years, with a new census out, the legislature re-draws Michigan's districts -- a process that has given a lot of power to whichever party is in control when it happens.

This proposal would take that responsibility away from the legislature and put it in the hands of a separate commission made up of Republicans, Democrats and people unaffiliated with a major political party.

The commission is selected through the Secretary of State and funded thorough the state legislature.

State Proposal 18-3(38 of 60 Calhoun County precincts reporting):  2,575,401 (30649) Yes, 1,274,855 (18630) No

The proposal generally broadens access to the ballot by allowing no-reason absentee voting, same-day voter registration and other options that make voting easier. Many of these measures have been put in place in other states, and Michigan lawmakers have considered, but not ultimately adopted, some of the provisions.

Tekonsha Township Fire Station Millage Proposal A(1 of 1 precincts reporting):  249 Yes, 375 no

Tekonsha Township Fire Station Millage Proposal B(1 of 1 precincts reporting):  220 Yes, 390 No


Olivet Community Schools Operating Millage Proposal(2 of 3 precincts reporting): 265 Yes, 316  No


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