The Calhoun County Courts have received favorable results from a survey that was conducted among users of the system.

In a release, Chief Judge Michael Jaconette says that the results of the survey are used to “make operational and management decisions”, with the goal of making the court experience better.

Users of Calhoun County's Circuit, Probate and District Courts were polled, and some of the results were as follows:

-"I was able to get my court business done in a reasonable amount of time today" - 90% Agree or Strongly Agree

-"I was treated with courtesy and respect by court staff" - 94% Agree or Strongly Agree

-"The way the case was handled was fair" - 84% Agree or Strongly Agree

These 2016 numbers were up slightly from 2015.

The Calhoun County Courts say that this is the fourth year in a row that people are highly satisfied with the system.


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