A Calhoun County man who suffered serious injuries is lucky to be alive after being drug nearly 300 feet by tractor and trapped underneath.

A man near Homer is lucky to be alive today after being drug nearly 300 feet by his tractor then being trapped underneath. Calhoun County Sheriff's deputies were called on Monday at 11:40 a.m. to the 700 block of 23 Mile Road near Homer for a man trapped under a tractor with serious injuries. Deputies first on the scene arrived to find the 47-year-old Clarendon Township man had already been removed from beneath the tractor.

The investigation revealed that the victim had been driving a tractor that had run out of gas. The victim left the tractor in the roadway and returned with a truck and trailer and gasoline. The dually diesel truck and trailer were parked in front of the tractor as it was being filled with gas. Once the gas was in the tractor the victim then reached inside the tractor to start it. As the engine turned over the tractor lurched forward as it had been left in gear. When the tractor lurched forward the male was thrown from the area he was standing on and became entangled in the tractor wheels. The tractor then ran over the victim and continued to drag him approximately 300 feet underneath the tractor while the tractor was pushing the truck and trailer forward into a field. The truck was pushed by the tractor down the road, into a ditch, then up the ditch where it finally came to a stop just in front of a telephone pole. Responding Calhoun County Sheriff's deputies say the description really doesn't do justice to the gravity of the scene and situation. Although trapped and injured, the victim was able to retrieve a cell phone and contact a neighbor. The neighbor called the Homer Fire Department then went back to his property to retrieve his bobcat tractor. Once the fire department was on the scene, they along with the victims neighbor and through the use of the bobcat were able to free the victim from beneath the tractor.

The victim was conscious throughout the ordeal and able to communicate with deputies and fire crews. The victim was flown by AirCare to Jackson for treatment. His injuries were described as serious but non-life-threatening. Calhoun County Sheriff Lieutenant Kevin Callahan the victim sustained serious injuries to his arm and leg and had suspected pelvic injuries as well.

Calhoun County Accident Reconstruction was contacted in order to process the scene. Calhoun County Sheriff Deputies were assisted by the Homer Fire Department.

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