Anybody trying to take pop cans back to the stores is aware of the problem.   People had to stockpile recyclables for weeks and weeks.   Calhoun County Recycling Coordinator Sarah Kelly says it's been very busy, but she's encouraged that people continued to save for recycling during the shutdown, rather than just throwing things away.

"Since recycling center was closed for almost 4 months, we are slammed with recycling coming into the center.  We are set up to handle receiving 1 week to 1 month’s worth of material at a time.   Many people are bringing 4 months worth in a day.  Our line was 30 plus cars long with a wait of 1.5 to 2 hours for several days.  The line is improving, but it is still extremely long."

Kelly says they are temporarily operating with reduced public hours (12 pm-3 pm) because it is taking 3 hours to sort, load, and disinfect on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Saturday July 25th, the County and City of Battle Creek are holding an appliance and recycling event from 9am to 1pm at the old K-Mart on Dickman Road at Capital Avenue.  Click here for the parking map and all the details.   Kelly says you should arrive as early as possible and get in line.   Those still in line at 1pm will have to bring their items back a the next event in late August.

The City of Battle Creek is holding another free scrap tire collection on Friday, July 31, at 150 S. Kendall Street.

This collection is open to City of Battle Creek residents ONLY who need to dispose of unwanted passenger vehicle tires.  Rims MUST be removed. This collection will not accept commercial business tires, or over-sized tires including: semi-trailer, tractor, or loader tires.

The collection will take place from 4 -7 p.m. on Friday, July 31.  We will have one semi-trailer at the event, and the event will end when the trailer is full or at 7 p.m.  There will be no early drop-offs for this event. This will be held at the city’s Department of Public Works, 150 S. Kendall St.

Because high attendance is expected and COVID-19 precautions are necessary, please plan ahead and stay in your car when it is being unloaded by volunteers and wear a mask while sitting in your car.

Only 10 tires per vehicle, please. Hauling more than 10 tires requires a scrap tire hauling registration through the State of Michigan. To find out more information on this please click here.

For more information or questions please contact Bessie Stears, environmental program coordinator, at 269-966-3355 ext. 1889 or email

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