Battle Creek Police were on patrol in the heart of Battle Creek, early Thursday morning, keeping a close eye on the downtown area. A string of recent complaints of criminal activity plaguing the area, during the midnight hours, had heightened patrols and the smart camera technology that surveilled the city streets and structures were being closely monitored. 

It was right around midnight when the officers received an alert that two people were detected in the eastern stairwell of the parking structure connected to the Battle Creek Tower, also known as the Hinman Building, located at 70 West Michigan Avenue. Police pounced on the scene, and the two men attempted to flee, but were quickly detained. During the process a second alert was issued, informing the officers that a break-in had occurred at the same location. 

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As the investigation unfolded, it was discovered that the 16-year-old and 17-year-old suspects had made entry into the building, as well as a few of the offices located inside, including AccessVision. Prior to that break-in, the suspects had also broken into the Battle Creek Central High School Fieldhouse. A few items had been stolen during the break-ins and were recovered by investigators. Charges for both suspects are currently being submitted to the juvenile court for review. 

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