Calhoun County’s gravel and dirt roads are in an extremely poor state right now, but there appears to be a good reason for it.

The Calhoun County Road Department says on their Facebook that they are aware of the problem, which is caused by the ground thawing and further worsened by the rain we have been getting.  However, they cannot deal with the “muddy mess” until the road surface has thawed and dried out, as the partially frozen ground prevents the road surface from being graded.

For now, they say all they can do is spot grade certain areas.

According to the Local Government and Municipal Knowledge Base, road grading is "the process of restoring the driving surface of a gravel or natural surface road to a desired smoothness and shape by removing irregularities such as corrugations and pot holes and redistributing gravel.

According to the University of Minnesota, over 50 percent of the roads in America are gravel.

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