It looks like former Detroit Lions all-star wide receiver Calvin Johnson is making progress in his efforts to open a marijuana business on the east side of the state. According to MLive, the state’s licensing board granted Johnson preliminary approval for a provisioning center license on Thursday.

Back in December, a separate project to start a medical marijuana business was denied. At that time, Johnson was working on the project with fellow former Detroit Lion Robert Sims. They were denied a preliminary approval by the same board. The Medical Marihuana Licensing Board cited outstanding traffic tickets by Johnson in Georgia as the issue.

Johnson's current effort to start the business, which is registered as Michigan Community Collective, includes his wife Brittney Johnson, according to a spokesperson cited by MLive.

With the preliminary approval, which came in a 4-0 vote, their business is now set to get going. They have registered the business at an office building located in Bloomfield Hills in Oakland County.


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