We were just having the conversation this past weekend about how we reacted at the beginning of the pandemic.  There was fear and panic on certain levels and that helpless feeling of not knowing exactly what to do.

There we were in the grocery store trying to figure out what the best things to buy that we would really need and what would keep the longest.  Canned and dry goods were first on the list and then that which could be frozen like beef & chicken.  I remember think that I can't believe this is really happening.  It's not just a bad dream or a bad movie.

Turns out we got enough toilet paper and not enough Clorox wipes.  We did get the beef and chicken though and still have plenty left.  In fact, we felt we may have over bought.  Now we find that, not only is there a shortage due to plants closing and supply chains being interrupted, a large amount of beef may be tainted with e coli.

The USDA just reported that nearly 45,000 pounds of beef which includes packages sold at Walmart have been recalled due to concerns of e coli contamination.  Lakeside Refrigerated Services out of New Jersey is the source and you can check out the specific items by clicking HERE.

This can only add to the shortage which will undoubtedly lead to more rationing at area stores.  The very thing that we didn't see coming is being made worse by other things we don't see coming that didn't have such a negative impact as before.

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