Support is being offered to those homeless residents who will be affected by a cleanup effort the Michigan Department of Transportation is undertaking.

The City of Battle Creek says in a release that MDOT has already begun cleaning up trash and trees along M-66 and I-194 with the goal of improving safety, visibility and aesthetics. The City acknowledges that homeless residents often set up camps in these areas, particularly near the Dickman and Fountain bridges.

The work is focused along the corridor from near Fountain Street to the north, to just south of Columbia Avenue, as well as under the bridges over Fountain, Dickman Road, and the old railroad bed.

The City has been working with the Haven of Rest Ministries and Summit Pointe Housing to help alert those living in the cleanup areas. Posters have been created, urging movement out of the area by February 27.

If you want to help those who will be affected, you can donate items like blankets, sleeping bags, and jugs of water to the Haven of Rest and specify you want to help those coming from the camps.

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