He was one of the legendary movie stars, larger than life in many ways. And when obituaries were being written about Burt Reynolds, many people were finding out that while Reynolds indeed was a good 'ol boy from Florida, he started his life out in Lansing. In fact, he spent the better part of his first ten years in Michigan, both Lansing and Lake City.

And with Minor League Baseball's penchant for promotion, what better way to celebrate local kid Reynolds than with Burt Reynolds Bobblehead Night. That's exactly what the Lansing Lugnuts are doing on July 20th. Not only Burt Reynolds bobbleheads, but also the team will be wearing Smokey and the Bandit themed jerseys, complete with the Pontiac Firebird logo from one of Reynold's most famous movies.

A bobblehead is a bobblehead, but the jerseys would have to be considered a must have collectibles, with both the tribute to Reynolds, and as a tribute to the late great car that General Motors unceremoniously killed when the automaker went bankrupt.

Leading Man Burt Reynolds Dies At Age 82
A man in a classic car slows to take a picture of the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from Burt Reynold's film "Smokey and the Bandit" is seen in front of Burt Reynold's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on September 6, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. The car was on display after Reynolds died at the age of 82.

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