When you hear a political body wanting to call their jurisdiction a “Welcoming Community” what first comes to mind?  I believe most common sense people think sanctuary “fill in the blank”.

Could Muskegon County Michigan be next on the ignore laws block?  MLive is reporting that a Muskegon County board resolution calls for making Muskegon County a “Welcoming Community”.

Really I had no idea that prior to this resolution they did not consider themselves a “welcoming community”, some apparently believe they need this resolution to prove it.  Has it been that bad to live in Muskegon County, a County that apparently some on their board believe it was not a “welcoming community”.

Those of you who live in Muskegon County have you never felt welcomed there, do you need a resolution to make you feel welcomed?

The members of the County Board believe they need to vote on this piece of paper so people of color and foreign-born immigrants will feel welcomed.  Really, you believe that you guys voting on a piece of paper saying you welcome them will make them feel better or welcomed, are you that arrogant?  I doubt people of color or foreign-born immigrants will even know you voted on that piece of paper.

The resolution was submitted by Commissioner Marcia Hovey-Wright.  When she was confronted with many people saying this was the first step towards making Muskegon County a Sanctuary County she said that her resolution was nothing more than a symbolic gesture.  Do you think people care about your symbolic gestures?  Ms. Wright said she wanted to counter what she called the rise of hate crimes throughout the nation, specifically against people of color and immigrants.  Apparently she does not have such feelings for white people and she is a white person, well possibly a self-hating white person. What about Anitfa and their attacks against people who think differently than them and probably you?  Ms. Wright then said that her resolution makes no mention of creating a sanctuary for undocumented citizens.

Really, then why when County Board member Zach Lahring put forth a motion to make the Muskegon County Sheriff comply with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainee requests you and the rest of the board “balked” at that.

Could you make it any more obvious?

A Norton Shores resident Barbara Hutches said:

When I heard about this meeting and the resolution, I couldn’t believe my ears...We have unalienable rights as a citizen. Our non-citizens do not have those rights. This resolution is not in the best interest in our community, and we want our police departments to work with ICE...We don’t want all this lawlessness.

Board Chairwoman Susie Hughes removed the resolution from Tuesday’s meeting agenda, she said it was because the board had agreed to talk about it during a committee of the whole meeting. She also said the commissioners planned to insert the word “legal” before each mention of immigrants.  More than likely she removed it because that prevented residents from speaking about this “welcoming community” issue early on during public comment on items only on the agenda.  They appeared to not even be brave enough to take the heat of their own resolution.

I give credit to those residents who were on top of what the County Board was doing and stopped it for now.  We all need to be diligent on what our political bodies are doing at all levels of government.

“Welcoming Community” really!

Check out the first couple minutes of the video below and see what happens in these sanctuary counties or sorry I mean "welcoming communities":

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