I have been saying for years if any city, township, county or state refuses to abide by the laws of the land then they should not receive a dime of taxpayer dollars.

Now here in Michigan might the rubber meet the road, in my humble opinion if warranted it should.  

MLive reported last week that the Department of Justice has issued new stipulations when accepting federal grants.  These new stipulations would require the city of Kalamazoo to comply with immigration enforcement officials, something the city commission have stated that they do not want to do.

The city Commissioners wants to prohibit city resources from aiding the separation of families at the U.S. border, how would that happen if we are not even close to the border.  The city of Kalamazoo also wants to affirm that they are a welcoming community.  Can anyone point to any city who does not want to be portrayed as a welcoming community, it is their code word for wanting to be known as a sanctuary city.

This has all come up due to the fact that the city wants to accept a $92,200 grant that comes with the stipulation that prohibits staff from interfering with the interrogation, arrest and removal of undocumented immigrants.

In the article Commissioner Shannon Sykes Nehring was quoted stating:

We had conversations about the fact that we were likely going to have to ... start considering how to handle funding that we receive from the federal government, understanding there's good chance funding could be withheld from us...It was a reality we knew may be coming. My feeling is, for me, that reality has come.

Also in the article Commissioner Don Cooney is quoted stating:

My bottom line is: I am not interested in cooperating with any action that lead to the deportation of innocent people from our community...Why should this be required of us to receive funds that are going to be used for public safety in our community? These are tax dollars which our people paid ... I think we have to make a statement to the federal government.

Great, these guys want to refuse federal money and in the end increase our taxes once again to pay for these items that the federal funds would have paid for.

What I found was telling was what the City Attorney Clyde Robinson said if the grant is approved.  Both he and Mayor Bobby Hopewell would have to sign a document confirming compliance with the Department of Justice requirements.  During Monday's commission meeting City Attorney Robinson expressed his concern that signing the DOJ document could open him up to perjury.  

Why would signing the document open you up to perjury unless you knew exactly where the commission stands on this sanctuary city position and what it intends to do.

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