It’s time to learn online now for Olivet College students. For at least the next two weeks, Olivet is going online for instructional programming. The college reports about a dozen and a half new cases of the COVID-19 virus among students and staff. Nearly 100 at Olivet are now under quarantine orders. About 700 of the over one thousand students at Olivet live at residence halls on campus. But parents and guardians are kept away as the college essentially is going into lockdown mode. All large gatherings of people on campus are on hold. That includes on-campus food service cafeterias. Olivet is expanding its meal service however to keep things going and is spreading the program around the campus.

Students and staff are still required to wear masks and monitor temperatures daily.  Employees determined to be non-essential by the college are now shifting to remote work whenever possible. At last word, the Michigan Health and Human Service Department is reporting what it calls outbreaks at about 30 public K-12 districts, and 20 of the state’s 93 college and university campuses.  But keep in mind, an outbreak to the state is 2 or more confirmed virus cases.

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