Officer Marc Pierce works security-TSM Photo
Officer Marc Pierce works security-TSM Photo


The Festival Market Square is looking a lot like the Cereal Festival.  Well, people are dressed a little differently.  After all, it's 17 degrees and the wind chill factor is about 3 above.   A lot of vendors are selling Trump campaign paraphernalia, and a lot of people are waiting to get through security and into the Kellogg Arena.

Parking is going to be a challenge, as several lots were already full at 3pm.   It'll be a brisk walk, so a scarf, hat, gloves, earmuffs and a warm coat and boots might be a good idea!

The concession stand is open inside the Arena.  Bring cash!   Water is $2, but they won't sell you a cap on the bottle, per orders of the Secret Service.

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Getting Ready for the Rally


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