UPDATE- Wed 12/18/19 at 10:08 pm:

President Trump's speech ended just after 10:00pm, just short of three hours. During the speech in Battle Creek, the House of Representatives wrapped up discussions and voted to impeach the President. We will provide more updates on this visit tomorrow morning on-air and online.

UPDATE- Wed 12/18/19 at 8:21 pm:

President Trump took the stage and delivers remarks. At least one person disrupting the speech was removed from the arena by officials.

UPDATE- Wed 12/18/19 at 8:02 pm:

Vice President Mike Pence just wrapped up his speech. The President will take the stage in moments.

UPDATE- Wed 12/18/19 at 6:17pm:

We have received reports that Air Force One has landed in Battle Creek. Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton says that as of just after 6:00 pm, Kellogg Arena was at maximum capacity and that no one else would be allowed to enter.

UPDATE- Wed 12/18/19 at 5:43pm:

U.S. Republican Candidate for Senate John James is taking the stage at Kellogg Arena to speak to the crowd, ahead of President Trump's speech, scheduled for 7:00 pm. Meanwhile, Trump is scheduled to arrive in Battle Creek in minutes.

John James at Trump Rally (Brandon James TSM)

UPDATE- Wed 12/18/19 at 5:24pm:

The crowd has been given red, white & green signs to hold up (different than usual red, white & blue) to fit the Christmas theme for the event. The rally has kicked off with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and singing of the National Anthem.

Red, white, and green signs at Trump Rally (Brandon James TSM)

UPDATE- Wed 12/18/19 at 4:24pm:

The concession stand is open inside the Arena. Bring cash! Water is $2, but they won't sell you a cap on the bottle, per orders of the Secret Service.

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UPDATE- Wed 12/18/19 at 3:49pm:

Thousands are now gathered outside of Kellogg Arena at Festival Market Square for a pre-rally. Meanwhile, hundreds are already inside the arena as Trump's rally is still about 3 hours from starting.

Pre-rally in Festival Square (Brandon James TSM)
Inside Kellogg Arena 3 hours before Trump rally (Brandon James TSM)

UPDATE- Wed 12/18/19 at 11:43am:

Media preparation and some sound tests took place from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Here's a report from 95.3 WBCK's Brandon James:

Here are some views of the stage and media area from inside Kellogg Arena:

Stage for Trump Rally in Battle Creek (Brandon James TSM)
Media area for Trump Rally in Battle Creek (Brandon James TSM)

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UPDATE- Wed 12/18/19 at 9:37am:

According to calls from WBCK listeners who are waiting downtown outside Kellogg Arena, there are an estimated 400+ people already gathered for tonight's event.

Tonight’s event is one of only handful where both President Trump and
Vice President Pence will appear together. Support and logistics crews began arriving a couple days ago. A government heavy lift jet arrived yesterday morning. Many Michigan Republican Party leaders will be here tonight or already are.

Several groups claim they’ll have a strong turnout for their protests against the President and Vice President. Others plan to be on hand to protest the protesters. At least 8 have submitted official special permit requests to the city. Protesters will not be allowed inside barricades around Kellogg Arena. They are not allowed to block or impede the orderly movement of vehicles or pedestrians. Battle Creek Police, along with supporting agencies helping with traffic control, plan to keep a close eye on the protest activities.

ORIGINAL REPORT- Tue 12/17/19 at 2:35pm:

Some of the itinerary for Wednesday's visit in Michigan was announced Tuesday afternoon. Vice President Mike Pence will be landing in the Saginaw area for an event and will later take a bus tour on his way to Battle Creek. Air Force Two is scheduled to land in Michigan at around 11:00 am Wednesday. Trump will come to Michigan separately on Air Force One.

After the mid-Michigan rally, Pence will meet President Trump in Battle Creek at some point before the evening rally at Kellogg Arena. They are both scheduled to arrive at the Kellogg Arena in downtown Battle Creek and Trump should begin speaking to the crowd at around 7:00 pm.

We will continue to update this story and bring you the latest information throughout the day Wednesday.