Inasmuch House is a life-line for all kinds of people in our community, including a dad and his one-year-old son. Casey and young Michael were living in a trailer in North Carolina, but when COVID-19 hit, they were evicted and had nowhere to go.

“We couldn’t travel because of the COVID situation, but as soon as we were allowed to come back (to Michigan) my dad came and picked us up and brought us back here so we could get into a program,” says Casey. “I came here and they were welcoming with open arms,” Casey says there was an opportunity, and he seized it. “You have to provide for your kid, no matter what.”

Casey says he’s hoping to get a job, but the problem is that he can’t get a Michigan ID because the Secretary of State’s offices are closed. “The closest date that I can get an ID is August 3rd. It’s crazy. I’ve got stimulus checks coming that I can’t even cash.”

“I’ve never been in this situation. I’m 37 and this is my first kid. You never know when that situation is gonna arise. Life hits you when it wants to.“

Casey talked about the staff at Inasmuch House. “They’re very peaceful. The people there are respectful. They hassle you. They don’t come to your room trying to bug you all the time. They’re very interactive with the children. You can tell it’s close-knit but at the same time, you also have to respect boundaries. It’s their house and their rules. As long as you can respect that, you’re good.”

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