Getty Images By: Joe Raedle
Getty Images By: Joe Raedle

Perhaps Michigan’s new revised gun bills to 'streamline' the concealed pistol permit process, is not such a bad idea or maybe they are.

I just read an article this morning in by Matt Vande Bunte, which depending how you think about it justifies or proves they are wrong, the new revised gun bills to 'streamline' the concealed pistol permit process.

A Grand Rapids man sat in front of Kent County's gun board for an interview that apparently turned into an interrogation.

Matt wrote the following:

“The concealed weapons license applicant was questioned about allegedly hiring a hit-man to injure an ex-girlfriend in 1988, about various episodes of harassment and intimidation alleged by an ex-wife and about an ex-wife's personal protection order. The panel inquired about a suspected breaking and entering at an ex-wife's property, a suspected larceny from an ex-wife and a domestic dispute with a girlfriend.”

Before you make a snap judgment you should know that the Grand Rapids man was never arrested, has no criminal record and most the incidents they cite happened in the 1990’s.

According to Matt’s article the Kent County gun board voted 3-0 to deny the man a permit.

In the article the Grand Rapids man was quoted as saying, concerning all of the 18 run-ins with police over the past three decades, that they "never even put 'cuffs on me."   The Grand Rapids man also was quoted as saying "I've never done anything wrong. Half the time, I called the police department.”

Under the new legislation, just signed by Governor Snyder, the county gun boards will be eliminated in December.

If the man was never charged with a crime, was Kent County’s gun board right not to issue him a concealed weapons permit?

Do they know more than what is being reported?

If most of these incidents happened approximately 15 – 20 years ago does that matter?

Does this justify taking the concealed weapons permit process out of the hands of County boards or prove they should still exist?

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