One of downtown Battle Creek’s empty storefronts is no longer empty.

The City of Battle Creek says on their downtown Battle Creek Facebook that the latest business to open downtown is The Replica Forge’s Design Studio, which is now operating at 68 E. Michigan Ave, the building formerly home to The Hair Shed and the Church of Scientology.

The Replica Forge using 3-D printing and molding to create movie props and display models; they work with private collectors, movie producers, and dealers, and make things like scale models of sci-fi ships and helmets from the Star Wars series. Items like the helmets in particular can be used for "cosplay", the hobby of dressing up as characters from fiction while attending things like conventions and movie premieres.

They plan on having a retail storefront soon, but right now they are focused on existing contracts and online orders. 

More details can be seen at The Replica Forge's website. 

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