Not only is Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel conniving but also does not have a problem breaking Michigan court guidelines.  That is a problem when you are the chief law enforcement officer of the state.

Will she face any charges, penalties or reprimand?  Don’t hold your breath.

Michigan Capitol Confidential, the news arm of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy reported that the Center, through a Freedom of Information Act request, obtained email exchanges within the Department of the Attorney General related to the Marlena Hackney case.

It gives us a rare look into what appears to be a corrupt and vindictive Attorney General's office.

If you are not aware of the Marlena Hackney case she is the owner of Marlena’s Bistro and Pizzeria in Holland.  She did defy orders to shut down her business and angered Nessel and Whitmer because she would go on local media outlets and national cable news programs to criticize Gov. Whitmer’s coronavirus executive orders.

The emails are eye-opening and extremely worrisome.  In the exchanges, Nessel’s office found out that Marlena was going to be interviewed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and she immediately sprang into action.  Here are her and her staff’s emails starting on March 12th of this year with Nessel emailing her communications director:

“Do we know her whereabouts? We should just have her picked up before she goes on. This is outrageous”

In another email Nessel asked her aides:

“Should I be prepared to respond to this?…I hope she gets the full 93 days for this. (Is that the max for civil contempt or just criminal contempt?)”

Eileen Whipple, an assistant attorney general responded to Nessel’s comment about a maximum sentence for Marlena writing:

“As to the length of potential imprisonment, since this is a coercive civil contempt the Court (as the Court indicated in her Order) can keep her incarcerated until she complies or it becomes impossible for her to comply.”

Wicked, wicked, wicked people.  Keep her locked up as long as they feel is needed.

Nessel then writes:

“Does MSP (Michigan State Police) intend to go find her? Or are they planning to wait until next week?”

Whipple responds to Nessel by telling her their office was running to the MSP to tell them:

“about this new information.”

What new information, that she was going on a news show?  Really is that now against the law in Whitmer/Nessel’s liberal world?

The Michigan State Police did evidential arrest Marlena on March 19 as she was driving to open her restaurant.

After arresting her the Michigan State Police drove her approximately 100 miles to the Ingham County Jail on a civil contempt-of-court charge.  The reason being the warrant was issued by Michigan’s 55th District Court, which resides in Ingham County.

Here is another interesting part of this wicked scheme as reported by Breitbart news.  Marlena’s charge does not appear to meet the 55th District guidelines for arrests during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Breitbart reported:

“These guidelines recommend that individuals be arrested if they are wanted for serious felonies, including assaults, criminal sexual conduct, and all offenses subject to life in prison. They also recommend arrests for individuals suspected of violating conditions of a bond or probation, or failing to appear in court when required for serious offenses like these. Arrests are not recommended for property offenses, misdemeanor warrants, and failure to appear in court or pay fines and costs related to minor offenses.”

The vice-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Meshawn Maddock, stated:

“Whitmer’s policies can kill seniors and lie about it, and Nessel just writes it off. But if Marlena in Holland serves a sandwich, she’s got to serve time.”

Truer words could not be spoken.

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