Emmett Township Supervisor Tim Hill is calling for four members of the Township Board of Trustees to be recalled, after a Board meeting Thursday.

Supervisor Hill called the Live With Renk show on 95.3 WBCK Friday morning to make the announcement. The issue all surrounds the employment status of Emmett Township's building supervisor. He says that at some point, the employee was incorrectly made a contractor who files a 1099 tax form, when he should have been a full employee who files a w-2 tax form. Hill says that the Township's attorneys, the Township's CPA, and even the Office of the Attorney General of Michigan advised them that the proper course of action would be to make the employee a w-2 employee.

The issue was brought to a vote at the Emmett Township Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, but it ultimately failed; Tim Hill says that four board members voted against correcting the problem. This decision, he says, puts the Township in legal jeopardy regarding the employee's status, and they could run into trouble with the IRS or other state agencies.

Because of this, Supervisor Hill told 95.3 WBCK that he was asking for the recall of the four board members who "voted against the rule of law". When asked if he would file the recall paperwork himself, he said he is asking the citizens of the Township to take the necessary steps.

The board members he wants recalled are:

  • Pat Dougherty
  • Dick Brown
  • Tracy Meyers
  • Rachel Meyers

When asked why he believed these members voted as they did, Supervisor Hill said he felt it stemmed from personal vendettas among Township employees and the board itself. Hill compared the situation to what he feels the President of the United States is going through, saying "they don't want to see the township improve".

Stay tuned into 95.3 WBCK for more information as this story develops.

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