A police impersonator has been in action in Calhoun County, illegally accosting people. The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department may be zeroing in on the fake cop.

Albion College administrators contacted the department late last week after a student was stopped near the campus by a man who identified himself as a police officer.  The vehicle he was driving looked official and had what appeared to be law enforcement markings.  The student submitted to being frisked. Albion police later confirmed none of the department officers were involved.

Calhoun County County Sheriff’s Deputies did a lot of follow-up. They got a search warrant for a home along 20 1/2 Mile Road in Marengo Township and went there on Tuesday. A 30-year-old man at the home was interviewed while the search was taking place. Deputies are not disclosing if they got incriminating evidence.  The department is asking anyone who had anything similar happen to them, or saw something suspicious to call the department at 269-781-8080, or Silent Observer at 269-964-3888.

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