The Biden administration’s new COVID-19 virus mask mandate goes into effect at midnight. If you aren’t already, you need to mask up on any type of mass transit system including ride shares and private pay to ride programs.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer you may remember, ordered a similar mass transit and public places mask mandate last spring that was extended in last July. Uber has had a mask mandate in place for months. The new order from the Centers for Disease Control is attempting to bring some commonality to mask rules across the country. Some states do not require masks in public places.

Battle Creek Transit has been following the mask rules from the Governor since first being initiated last spring. Same with Kalamazoo Metro Transit, although the two differ on what date they believe the order was originally signed by the Governor.  Either way, the local implications for mass transit systems in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek really won’t change much.

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All airlines began imposing mask rules last year. In the fall, most US air carriers began tightening their mask rules, some even refusing to accept a passenger claim of a medical exemption. United recently began requiring testing for passengers on its San Francisco to Hawaii route.  As of early last week, in advance of the federal order, airlines began requiring passengers to show proof of a negative virus test before being allowed to board.

The Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport (AZO)) recently updated virus precaution information on its website to include the following pronouncements:
-All individuals entering the facility must wear a face covering.
-All airlines serving AZO are requiring passengers to wear face masks while onboard the aircraft. For details please check the individual airline’s website.
-COVID-19 testing for passengers and the community is coming to AZO. Stay tuned for details.

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